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Managing your payroll

GHCS processes the payroll for your employees, withholding the required taxes and making sure that employees as well as employer's taxes
money is deposited and filing is done accordingly.

An important task involves complying with regulations established by
the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), also known as the Federal Wage
and Hour Law.
FLSA is designed to protect employee rights. Some to the things that
this law covers is the federal minimum wage requirement and overtime pay.

Managing your payroll includes the administration of each of your employees' salary as well as vacation pay, sick pay, commissions, bonuses, and fringe benefits.
These wages/compensation are generally subject to employment taxes.

Employers are responsible to withhold specific taxes from the employee's pay (Federal, state and local taxes; state unemployment insurance, disability insurance, social security and Medicare)

Employers are responsible to pay social security, Medicare, federal and state unemployment insurance, and state disability.

Employers are responsible for depositing taxes withheld from employees' salaries as well as the employer's paid taxes on the required deposit scheduled date.
Additionally, employers are also responsible to file for the taxes deposited quarterly (940 and 941) as well as the Wage and Tax Statement at the end of the year (W2)


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