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We developed this process to take you step-by-step from the design of the solution to its implementation and maintenance.

1. Planning

The goal of the planning phase is to reach high level of agreement on
the project scope, priorities, timeline, estimated cost and deliverables.

This includes:

  • Initial questionnaire
  • Hold an initial meeting/teleconference.
  • Map site architecture.
  • Identify and define strategic objectives
  • Discuss special specifications.
  • Analysis of client's needs/wants
  • Analysis of targeted audience and demographics.
  • Establish deadline and milestones.

2. Design

The goal of the design phase is to create visual, functional, technical and creative options for site design and layout, content organization and ease of navigation.

This includes:

  • Look and feel of the site
  • Site flow and interactive aspects (may include database integration, user customization and personalization of content.)
  • Prototype site

3. Development

The goal of the Development phase is to construct the site and applications using the plan and design concepts developed and
approved in the previous phases.
During this phase we continually update the client periodically giving
them access to beta versions of their project for the purpose of review.

This includes:

  • Programming, scripting, database and web applications construction
  • Development of the "Beta test project"
  • Communicate with the client via email to send status reports.

4. Testing

The goal of the testing phase is to make all revisions by puting the application through a series of stress tests to ensure that the site and the applications function properly and meets the client's needs.

This includes:

  • Establish a secure and private testing site for the client for internal review.
  • Work closely with the client to test all aspects of the new site.
  • Ensure compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera

5. Deployment

The goal of the deployment phase is to implement the solution
approved in the testing phase.
Any final revisions are then made and the application is launched.

This includes:

  • Establish the production site on the web server for LIVE LAUNCH.

6. Maintenance

The goal of the maintenance phase is to monitor the performance of the site and applications deployed.
We can also help you keep your website and applications updated.


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